Monday, March 14, 2011

Type 43: Eros and Heracles on a Lion

Heracles riding backwards on a lion advancing r., holding Eros and a club, on coins of Augusta Trajana and Serdica in Thracia, Nicaea in Bithynia, and Ancyra in Galatia.

* Augusta Trajana in Thracia, a coin of Geta (not illustrated).
* Serdica in Thracia, coins of Caracalla.

Obv. AYT K M AYPH ANTΩNINOC. Laureate bust r. Rev. CEPΔIKHC. As described above (Private collection, photos by permission). 


* Nicaea in Bithynia, coins of Faustina Junior, Caracalla (not illustrated), Macrinus and Gordian III.

Æ 28, 7 h, 11.37 g. Obv.  ΦΑΥCΤΕΙΝΑ CΕΒΑCΤΗ. Draped bust of Faustina Junior r. Rev. NIKAIEΩN. As described above.

Æ 27. Obv.  AYT K M OΠEΛ CEOYHP MAKPEINOC AYΓ (some of the letters are in ligature). Laureate bust of Macrinus r. Rev. NIKAIEΩN. As described above (Photos courtesy of Jencek Historical Enterprise).

22.48 g. Obv.  M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC AY. Radiate, cuirassed bust of Gordian III with shield and spear l. Rev. NIKAIEΩN. As described above (Photos courtesy of Lübke & Wiedemann KG).


* Ancyra in Galatia, coins of Caracalla (not illustrated).


Augusta Trajana / Geta
Ebay, otherwise unpublished?
Rarity: RRR

Serdica / Caracalla
References: Hristova/Jekov; BMC 16; Varbanov 2356-57
Rarity: R

Nicaea / Faustina Junior
References: RPC IV, 5530; Waddington, Recueil général, 200
Rarity: R 

Nicaea / Caracalla
References: SNG von Aulock 591; Waddington, Recueil général, 452
Rarity: RRR

Nicaea / Macrinus
Reference: Waddington, Recueil général, 546
Rarity: Scarce

Nicaea / Gordian III
Reference: Waddington, Recueil général, 700
Rarity: R

Ancyra / Caracalla 
Reference: SNG von Aulock 6175
Rarity: RRR

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