Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Type 19: Two Erotes Lifting the Club of Heracles

This motif is found only on coins of Hadrianopolis in Thracia (though see also Type 41).

Two Erotes struggle to lift the (for them) oversize club of Heracles. There are several epigrams in the Greek Anthology [16.214 f.] that describe the Erotes bearing the “spoils” that they have captured from various gods. These include the club of Heracles.

* Hadrianopolis in Thracia, coins with obverse bust of Heracles as “Founder” of Hadrianopolis. Since Hadrian was very obviously the founder of the city, the reference might possibly allude to Commodus (who identified himself with Heracles), in connection with some actual or hoped-for imperial act of generosity.

Æ 18, 8 h, 3.48 g. Obv. TON KTICTHN. Head of bearded Heracles r. Rev. AΔPIANOΠOΛEITΩN. Two Erotes struggling to lift the club of Heracles (Photos courtesy of Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.,

Æ 19, 7 h, 3.83 g. Similar.


Hadrianopolis / Caracalla
References: Youroukova 708, 711
Rarity: Relatively common


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