Sunday, March 13, 2011

Type 41: Eros or Erotes with Heracles Seated

Interesting types from Heracleia Pontica in Bithynia and Pergamum in Mysia.

* Heracleia Pontica in Bithynia, an attractive coin with bust of Heracles and reverse type of Heracles seated on a rock, with two playful Erotes.
Æ 35. [Obv. TON KTICTAN. Bust of Heracles l., wearing a diadem and his lionskin, and with his club over his shoulder.] Rev. HPAKΛHAC MATPOC AΠOIKΩN ΠOYIΩN (sic). Heracles seated l. on a rock, his r. hand outstretched, in front of him a tree in which an Eros r. as bowman is perched and at the base of which another Eros r. is attempting to lift Heracles’s club (Illustration from Waddington).

* Pergamum in Mysia, a coin of Lucius Verus (not illustrated) with reverse type of Heracles seated on a rock, Auge and... Eros? I havent seen this coin yet, and it needs to be confirmed that the small figure is not Auges son Telephus.


Heracleia Pontica / Heracles
Reference: Waddington, Recueil général, 78
Rarity: RRR

Pergamum / Lucius Verus [?]
Reference: RPC IV, 3217
Rarity: RRR (but see note above)

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