Friday, March 18, 2011

Type 48: Eros with Pelops and Hippodameia in a Quadriga

Pelops, son of Tantalus, according to legend gave his name to the Peloponnese (the island of Pelops). He came to Elis and won the hand of Hippodameia, the daughter of the king, in a chariot race. Pelops originated from Lydia, and appears on several coins of Sardes. Here, he is carrying off his newly-won bride, accompanied by Eros holding the torches of passion.

* Sardes in Lydia, coins of Gordian III (not illustrated), with reverse type of Pelops and Hippodameia in a fast quadriga r.; Eros, holding two torches, flies r. above the reins.


Sardes / Gordian III
Reference: RPC VII, 1, 230
Rarity: RR

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