Friday, March 4, 2011

Type 03: Eros Taking an Arrow from his Quiver

Eros standing facing, head r., holding out his bow and taking an arrow from his quiver, which is on the ground behind him. 

This type is known to me only from a coin of Commodus in Nicopolis ad Istrum (just two specimens, from different dies and with different obverse and reverse legends!).

* Nicopolis ad Istrum in Moesia, coins of Commodus, provisionally listed as RPC IV, 10841. Note: A very worn specimen might easily be mistaken for one of two other coin types of Commodus in Nicopolis,  both also very rare, with reverse of Artemis standing, drawing an arrow from a quiver at her shoulder, and holding a bow (RPC IV, 10520; Varbanov 2164, where Artemis has a hound at her side).

Æ 19, 1 h, 3.35 g. Obv. ΑΥΤΟ M A… MOΔΟC. Laureate head of Commodus r. Rev. NEIKOΠΟ ΠPOC EICTON (sic). As described above.


Æ 19, 2 h, 3.08 g. Obv. ΑΥ KAI KOMOΔΟC. Laureate head of Commodus r. Rev. NIKOΠΟΛI ΠPOC I. As described above.


Nicopolis ad Istrum / Commodus
References: RPC IV, 10841: Hristova/Jekov
Rarity: RRR 


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