Sunday, March 20, 2011

Type 52: Eros and a Mysterious Encounter

On coins of Nicopolis Seleucidis in Seleuceia & Pieria, a torch-bearing Eros is shown hovering over a mysterious erotic encounterperhaps an attempt by a river-god to molest one of the attendants of Artemis?

* Nicopolis Seleucidis in Seleuceia & Pieria, Syria, coins of Philip I (or Philip II?) showing two figures in short chitons standing r. and recoiling from a river-god emerging l. from the baseline, who is being inflamed by Eros flying r. overhead, carrying a torch. The large H in the field may indicate that the coin was an octassarion.

Æ 22, 2 h, 14.54 g. Obv. AYT K M IOYΛIOC ΦIΛIΠΠOC CE. Radiate, draped bust of Philip I r. Rev. NEIKOΠOΛEITΩN CEΛEYKIΔOC, in field to r. a large H. As described above.

Similar, Æ 27, 6 h, 13.08 g (Photos courtesy of Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.,


Nicopolis Seleucidis / Philip I
Reference: BMC 3
Rarity: Scarce

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