Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Type 44: Eros with a Standing Figure of Dionysus

An unusual type from Docimeium in Phrygia, illustrated in Imhoof-Blumer (Kleinasiatische Münzen): Dionysus stands facing, head r., his r. leg resting on a rock (?) and covered by a chlamys, holding a thyrsus in his r. hand; his l. hand rests on the shoulder of an Eros, who is moving r. but looking back at the god; to the l. is a tiny naked figure (a satyr?) running l. with outstretched arm; behind Dionysus is Pan, holding a pedum.

* Docimeium in Phrygia, coins (Æ 31) of Diadumenian Caesar (not illustrated), with draped and cuirassed bust on the obverse.


* On this clay bulla (seal impression), probably from the Doliche-Zeugma region of Commagene, Dionysus is accompanied by a frisky Eros holding a long thyrsus.


Docimeium / Diadumenian Caesar
Reference: Imhoof-Blumer, Kleinasiatische Münzen, 10
Rarity: RRR

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