Friday, March 18, 2011

Type 49: Eros with Demeter in a Biga

Many Greek cities of the Roman world formed Homonoia partnerships with each other, and struck coins to celebrate these. 

On the Homonoia coins of Cyzicus (in Mysia) and Smyrna (in Ionia), Demeter is shown riding in a quadriga of centaurs, led by Eros.

* Homonoia of Cyzicus and Smyrna, coins of Faustina II as Kore Soteira and of Commodus (not illustrated).

Æ 45, 39.5 g. [Obv.  KOPH CΩTEIPA KYZIKHNΩN. Bust of Faustina II as Kore Soteira r.] Rev. CTRAT NAIB KYINTOY, in ex. EΠI OMONOIA KYZIK CMYPNAI. Demeter, holding a long torch, rides r. in a biga of centaurs, one of whom (young or female) holds a pedum and turns its head to look at the goddess, while the other, bearded, holds a bowl of fruits (?) in its outstretched hand; Eros r., but turned to look backwards, leads the procession; behind the centaurs is Pan l., blowing into a straight and a curved flute; standing in front of Demeter is a maenad with a tympanum; and walking behind the biga is a bearded man holding a staff and carrying a basket of fruits on his head (Illustration from Imhoof-Blumer, Griechische Münzen). 


Homonoia of Cyzicus and Smyrna / Faustina II
References: RPC IV, 74; BMC 293; SNG BN Paris 569; SNG Stockholm 2030; Imhoof-Blumer, Griechische Münzen, 169; Mionnet II, 195
Rarity: RR

Homonoia of Cyzicus and Smyrna / Commodus
References: RPC IV, 745; BMC 294
Rarity: RRR

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