Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Type 46: Eros with Dionysus and Apollo in a Biga

Dionysus holding a thyrsus and Apollo playing the lyre are represented on coins of Eumeneia in Phrygia riding r. in a biga drawn appropriately by a goat and a pantheress; riding on the back of the goat is a little Eros playing the double-flute.

* Eumeneia in Phrygia, coins of Antoninus Pius with biga to l. (not illustrated) or to r.

Æ 25, 6 h, 9.95 g. Obv. AYTO KAIC ANTΩ[NEINOC]. Laureate, cuirassed bust r. with aegis Rev. EYMENEΩN AXA[IΩN]. As described above.


Eumeneia / Antoninus Pius (biga to r.) 
References: RPC IV, 1991; BMC 58; SNG Leypold 1539 
Rarity: Scarce

Eumeneia / Antoninus Pius (biga to l.)
Reference: RPC IV, 2966
Rarity: RRR

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