Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Type 18: Two Erotes Wrestling

The playful scene of two Erotes wrestling is known on coins of the Thracian cities of Serdica and Trajanopolis.

* Serdica in Thracia, coins of Caracalla.


Æ 19, 2 h, 3.62 g. Obv. ΑΥT K M AYP CEV ANTΩNEINOC. Laureate bust of Caracalla r. Rev. CEPΔΩN. Two Erotes wrestling.


* Trajanopolis in Thracia, coins of Caracalla (not illustrated).


Serdica / Caracalla
References: Hristova/Jekov; Varbanov 2080; BMC 25; SNG Copenhagen 801
Rarity: Scarce

Trajanopolis / Caracalla
Reference: Varbanov 2818
Rarity: RRR

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