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Type 56: Eros or Erotes with Tyche

Eros is shown with Tyche on coins of Aegeira in Achaea and Midaëum in Phrygia.

* Aegeira in Achaea, coins of Plautilla (not illustrated) showing Eros r., holding a long sceptre, facing Tyche l., holding a long staff and cornucopiae. The BCD Collection specimen is holed, and BCD himself has added a charming comment in the auction catalogue: “Tyche and Eros, what a meaningful combination! This coin was surely pierced and carried as an amulet (probably suspended with a cord around the neck) by someone who wished to be lucky in love. If we judge by the amount of wear it has it seems to have produced good results.

* Midaëum in Phrygia, coins of Caracalla, Severus Alexander (not illustrated), and Maximinus I (not illustrated), showing Tyche seated on a rock; on the Severus Alexander coins she is accompanied by Eros and the river-god Tembris, on those of Caracalla and Maximinus I by two Erotes with torches.

Obv. ANTΩNEINOC AYΓOYCTOC. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla r. Rev. MIΔAEΩN. As described above.
Note: I made no record of the origin of the photographs of this coin. If the owner of the images or of the coin would be so kind as to contact me, I'd be happy to add an appropriate acknowledgement (or delete the images if required). 

The tiny figure standing behind Tyche on coins of Marcus Aurelius from Gadara in the Decapolis may or not be Eros (see Type 39). 

(Photos courtesy of Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.,


Aegeira / Plautilla
References: LHS, auction 96: Coins of Peloponnesos: The BCD Collection, 422.4Imhoof-Blumer & Gardner, Ancient Coins Illustrating Lost Masterpieces of Greek Art (A Numismatic Commentary on Pausanias), p.91 and Plate S, ix
Rarity: RRR

Midaëum / Caracalla
Uncertain source, see note above
Rarity: RRR 

Midaëum / Severus Alexander
References: von Aulock, Münzen und Städte Phrygiens II, 813-14
Rarity: RRR 

Midaëum / Maximinus I
References: von Aulock, Münzen und Städte Phrygiens II, 823; Imhoof-Blumer, Kleinasiatische Münzen, 5
Rarity: RRR

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