Sunday, March 13, 2011

Type 36: Eros with Aphrodite Removing her Sandal

Aphrodite is shown adjusting her sandal, probably removing it in preparation for the bath.

This charming type, based on a famous Hellenistic original, is found only on coins of Aphrodisias Cariae (and, without accompanying Eros, on coins of Apollonia ad Rhyndacum in Mysia), but in variant forms it is comparatively common in art, and is represented here by a statue (left), with both Eros and Priapus in attendance on the goddess, from Pompeii, and a statue from Alexandreia in Egypt (right), with Eros only.


* Aphrodisias in Caria, coins of the third century A.D. with veiled and draped bust of Boulé on the obverse, while the reverse shows Aphrodite leaning on a low column r., holding a mirror and adjusting her sandal with the aid of a small Eros l. in front of her; there is also a single coin with the Senate (IEPA CYNKΛHTOC) on the obverse (not illustrated).


Æ 21, 4 h, 4.06 g. Obv. IEPA BOYΛH. As described above. Rev. AΦPOΔICIEΩN. As described above.


Aphrodisias / Boulé
References: MacDonald, The Coinage of Aphrodisias, type 208; Bernhart, Aphrodite, 313; BMC 35 f.; SNG von Aulock 2448; SNG Copenhagen 84; SNG Lewis 1642
Rarity: Common (at least in major collections, though seldom encountered in trade)

Aphrodisias / Senate
Reference: SNG Righetti 943
Rarity: RRR

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