Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thanks and Acknowledgements

The initial version of this survey was completed on January 12th, 2018. Please ignore the dates and times given for the individual posts: they were manipulated to enable a thematic arrangement in the blog archive. Now I shall be adding new material, correcting mistakes, uploading better illustrations, and re-formatting. To avoid having to re-number the types should a tremendously rare singleton suddenly need to be accommodated, I have kept Type 24 (Miscellaneous Erotes, presently consisting of earlier coins, some Roman Imperial coins and medallions, artefacts, lead seals, and tesserae) for that eventuality.

Here is a provisional listing of those whove worked on or in different ways helped with the project or been consulted (the list is alphabetical, and doesnt give academic titles). Please contact us if weve forgotten you. Sincere thanks to everyone!; Bartosz Awianowicz; Gilles Blançon; Gert Boersema; Peter G. Burbules; Dario Calomino; CNG (Classical Numismatic Group); Curtis Clay;; Alfredo De La Fé; Dan Diffendale; Kurt Ellenberger; Emporium Hamburgense; Fabrizio Fazioli; Julia Finster; Mark Fox; G&N (Gitbud & Naumann Münzhandlung München GmbH); Martin Griffiths; Wayne von Hardenberg; Hans-Joachim Hoeft; Nina Hristova; ISEGRIM; Paul-Francis Jacquier; Francis Jarman; Gospodin Jekov; Jencek Historical Enterprise; Dane Kurth (Helvetica); Ilian Lalev; Hubert Lanz; Patricia Lawrence; Derek Lewis; Hartmann Linge; Anne Lübke; Pierre-Damien Manisse; marcvs_aurelivs_caesar; Andrew McCabe; Ryan McVay; Malcolm Megaw; Steve Minnoch; Georg Morawietz; Alex Morley-Smith; Hans-Christoph von Mosch; Heinz-W. Müller; Wilhelm Mueseler;; Numismatik Naumann GmbH; Uwe Naumann; Numismatica Ars Classica (NAC); Masis Panos; William Peters; Praefectus Coins; Michel Prieur; H. D. Rauch; Gerhard Rohde; Roma Numismatics; Roman Provincial Coinage Online (RPC); Lars Rutten; Wayne G. Sayles, Wolfgang Christian Schneider; Joe Sermarini; Sorin; Peter Spohn; Dietmar Spurgarth; Clive Stannard; Joachim Stollhoff; Greg Terzian; Wolfram Tillack; TimeLine; Titiana & Slavey Art Numis; Bill Welch; Wildwinds; plus a number of private collectors who prefer to remain anonymous.

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